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Ever wondered if it's true that "Naughty Girls Pedal Harder"? If "Team Comes After 1 (But B4 3)" are real Monty Python fans or there's another meaning? Or if "Bazz's Spandex Enormities" was a slight exaggeration on Bazz's part? Well, this is the place to find out.

These are just some of the team names you have come up with over the years. (Some couldn't be used for legal reasons!) And this is the place to find out who they are, how they got their name and what they get up to when they're not sitting around in muddy fields.

If you want to see your team on here send an email with a few hundred words about yourselves, how you got together and the usual funny story/name/mascot info, along with some photos to

Whether you're four riding buddies whose annual foray into racing is a family outing to Mountain Mayhem, or an affiliated club with hundreds of members who spend every weekend racing, we want to hear about you.

The Grimey Lymies

Four years ago our club was totally road and time trial focussed and had no mountain bikers at all. That all changed virtually overnight when a small group of us got invited to a test ride day at Cannock Chase. We reluctantly decided to go along thinking that we would hate it as we were dedicated road riders. How wrong we were! Everyone loved riding off-road and after that we all bought mountain bikes.

Our club shirts were the road jerseys which were mainly white with orange and blue. We decided to create a new club jersey especially for the new mountain bike section. This did not go down too well with a small minority of the old 'roadies' who did not seem to like the idea of having mountain bikers in the club but we went ahead anyway, hence the idea of the pirate, flying in the face of convention!

I designed the 'Captain Cutlass' logo which appears on the front and back of our shirts. Husband Martin came up with the nickname 'Grimey Lymies' as we always seemed to be covered in mud and grime, mainly from falling off. The Lymies part of it comes from our club name,Lyme Racing Club whose members are often called 'Lymies'. We now have about 50 members proudly wearing their Grimey Lymies shirts which we think really stand out in a crowd, that is a quarter of the 200 members that we currently have.

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