About Adidas Thunder Run 24hr

2pm Saturday 31st July / 2pm Sunday 1st August

There is ample free camping at Catton Park and you are welcome to arrive as from Friday morning . You may also bring caravans but note there are no electricity hook ups available. There will be showers and flushing toilets on site.

An event caterer will be positioned trackside and will be serving throughout the event The team from Science in Sport will also be on site all weekend .

We have a team of masseurs who will be available for everyone during the weekend. (no fixed charges but a small donation would be appreciated)

Please do not hesitate to call Patrick on 01298 687331 anytime  or 07956 276399 if you have any questions regarding the event.

Event Details

  • Teams of 2, 5 or 8 runners (  male, female or mixed )

  • Runners to be aged 18years or over on the day of the race.

  • To be run as a relay with one member of the team to be on course at all times throughout the 24 hours.  Runners competing in the dark hours are to wear head torches or carry a torch please.

  • Each runner must complete a full lap before changeover but may run 2, 3 or more laps before handing over to another team member if they wish. All members of the team must complete a minimum of one lap. 

  • The specially prepared course is all off road and is made up of varied surfaces grass tracks, farmland paths, wooded areas etc. 

  • Timing will be by FR Systems using Champion Chip timing. Each runner will wear an individual timing chip. Timing chips will be issued at registration on Saturday morning with your race number (We will not be posting out numbers before the day)

  • Start time is 2pm, Sat 31st July 

  • The winning team will be the one completing the most laps in the 24 hours  (runners must complete the lap they are on at 2pm, Sun 1st August)

Contact Details

Pro-Velo Support,
Vein Cottage,
SK17 0LG

Venue Information

Run over the Thunder Run 10K course at Catton Park, Walton on Trent DE12 8LN

Catton Park in Staffordshire is a first class venue with an established track record of endurance mountain biking. Facilities available include:

  • On-site toilets.

  • Hot food and catering.

  • Marshalled and signed course.

  • Car parking.

The event will be held in the grounds of the popular venue of Catton Park,

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A Few Tips for 12hr and 24hr events

A twelve or twenty four hour race isnít just about running fast.  If you are out to win or simply to do you best & finish you are going to need a good team around you, good communication & good preparation.

1.       Team Mates

The guys & girls youíll be running with & sharing the experience with are vitally important to you.  Make sure that everyone on the team has the same kind of goal in mind.  If one member of the team has their heart set on winning outright, whereas the rest of the team would be over the moon just to complete the distance, friction is likely to occur.  Make sure that you are all singing off the same hymn sheet & your race will run a lot smoother. It may help to elect a Team Leader to organise and also keep track of everyoneís progress and the team's overall placing throughout the event. Monitors in the catering tent will display runners lap times time and position.

     2.        Camping

Take up our offer of free camping!  You, your team mates & helpers are encouraged to come & set up camp the night before the race.  This will give you plenty of time to get organised.  On the day of the race youíll soon be busy with the running itself, so anything that you can get prepared in advance is a bonus. 

     3.         Food

Youíre going to burn off a lot of calories over the duration of the event, so making sure that you are fully fuelled is imperative to success.  We have a brilliant caterer on site that will be o hand night & day to serve you hot & cold food, but self sufficiency is a good thing.  Thereís no queue for one thing!  Bear in mind that you donít want anything thatís too complicated to make or that takes a long time to prepare.  Your time off the course is precious & youíll want to spend as much of it as possible resting up.  If possible rope in a partner or friend to be your chef for the weekend to take care of the food.  Get a big meal down you the night before & expect to consume little & often when the race is on.  Remember to keep well hydrated at all times too.  If you are not used to energy drinks, this isnít the best time to start experimenting with them.  Stick to what youíre used to.

    4.         Clothes

Take as many changes of clothes as possible.  It doesnít matter if the weatherís good or bad, thereís nothing quite as demoralising as having to pull back on cold, wet kit.  Likewise, bring more than ones pair of trainers.  Also take warm clothes, it's the UK so it's bound to be cold at some point & between laps you need to keep warm.

    5.        The Race     

Remember how long the race is.  Donít go out like a bat out of hell & end up in a withered heap after the first couple of laps.  Pace yourself.  Learn the course, it is quite technical out there, so having good knowledge of whatís around the corner is valuable.

   6.         Change over

To see out duration without any hitches good timing at the change over is key.  It is worth finding a willing volunteer to help with the timing & making sure everyone is woken up at the right time & at the change over area on schedule.  Keep track of roughly how long everyone in the team takes to complete a lap, write things down & have a clock handy to work out the approximate hand over times.  That way the runners get as much rest as they can & spend as little time as possible standing around waiting at the change over area.

   7.         Darkness

For many competitors this will be their first experience of running off-road in darkness.  It add a new dimension to the competition & should be treated with respect.  Get a good light, test it & have a back up in case of emergencies. 



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